GPC Setup


For best results using Apple iOS or Android devices, you should use the feature to Add to Home Screen.

Whether you are adding the app to your home screen or just making a bookmark for it, make sure your browser is at the home page (not this page) before you do. In other words, click on the Home button above before you add to your home screen or make a bookmark.

GPC Ratings


GPC Ride Ratings

GPC rides are rated using a notation such as 3/LT/35.
The three factors are: terrain/pace/mileage.

TerrainDescriptionAvg climbing, feet/mile
1Essentially flat.10 - 30
2A few low hills.30 - 50
3Moderately hilly.50 - 70
4Hilly, a few steep ones.70 - 90
5Very hilly, considerable climbing.90 - 110
!A "!" after the terrain rating number indicates surprisingly hard hills in view of the overall terrain.

XLExtra-leisurely: child-friendly pace with many long stops.
LLeisurely: easy pace, frequent stops, good for new riders.
LT(Intermediate between L and T.)
TTouring: steady pace, fewer stops, for experienced riders.
TM(Intermediate between T and M.)
MModerately fast pace: for strong experienced riders.
MB(Intermediate between M and B.)
BBrisk: very strong riders; tight fast packs and pacelines.

A more detailed explanation is available on the full GPC website.