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Ride leaders have the option of enabling pre-registration for their rides. If a leader chooses to enable pre-registration then a link to pre-register will appear in the online ride listing. The advantages of pre-registration include legibility of phone numbers carried on the ride (safety issue), information regarding quantity of cue sheets to print, indication of necessity for a co-leader, and a faster sign-in process.

For Riders

  • Members simply follow the link in the online ride listing to pre-register for a ride.
  • Members may register guests and other riders in addition to themselves, but non-members cannot access the registration page.
  • Pre-registration, if enabled for a ride, may be optional or mandatory. If a leader sets pre-registration as optional, then unregistered riders can sign up at the ride start.
  • There is no harm in registering for a ride and then failing to show up for it. If you are not present at the start, you will not be counted as a participant for the ride.
  • You can remove your registration (if the leader has not already closed pre-registration) by following the same pre-registration link.

For Leaders

  • Leaders access the pre-registration option through the Ride Listing Tool.
  • By default, pre-registration is disabled for newly created rides. If you want to use pre-registration, you must enable it.
  • It is best to enable pre-registration when you create the ride, but you can do it anytime prior to the ride. Allow enough time for members to register.
  • Unless you are planning to use the fully electronic process, sometime prior to the ride (probably the night before) you must go back to the Ride Listing Tool, close the registration, and print a sign-in sheet. The sheet will have all of the information for the riders as well as the ride details filled in.
  • Take the pre-filled sign-in sheet to the ride start. You can ask riders to sign next to their printed names or you can just check them off to take attendance.