Grizzly Peak Cyclists

Please do not telephone after 9 pm.

Elected Officers

President Mark Nienberg
Vice President Jessica Jensen
Secretary Mark Abrahams
Treasurer Dan Tonelli
Additional Director Brian Aldrich
Additional Director Al Forkosh
Additional Director Mary Ann Jawili
Additional Director Phil Morton
Additional Director Sherie Reineman
Additional Director Mark Sapiro
Elected Officers Group Includes All the Above

Appointed Officers  Ride Events

Century Chair Brian Aldrich
Ride Coordinator Phil Morton
Ride Series Coordinator Jessica Jensen
ASSR Coordinator John Buenfil
Time Trial Czar Bill Schultz
Family Ride Coordinator vacant

Appointed Officers  Membership Benefits

Bike Case Librarian Bill Monsen
Clothing Inventory & Sales Melarie Johnson
Donations Committee Chair Jaz Zaitlin
E-Mail List Manager Al Forkosh
Historian Pierre LaPlant
Membership (acting) Mark Sapiro
Newsletter Editor John Swanda
Newsletter Publisher Mike Cox
Orthopedic Aids Librarian Jaz Zaitlin
Program Director Mary Ann Jawili
Ride Leader Credits Debbie Miskell
Tool Librarian Chris Witt
Web Master Mark Sapiro
Web Minion Mark Abrahams

Appointed Officers  External Liasons

Bicycle Advocacy Liaison
and L.A.B. Representative
Al Forkosh
Insurance Coordinator Al Forkosh
Strava Administrator Mark Nienberg

Mailing Address

Grizzly Peak Cyclists does not have a public mailing address. Please use the information above to contact us.